michael has gone lilac i repeat MiChAEL hAS GoNE LiLaC

  • Michael: *dyes hair lilac*
  • Me: omg
  • Friend: omg
  • Tumblr: omg
  • President: omg
  • Parents: omg
  • Australia: omg
  • World: omg
  • 5sos: omg
  • Neighbours dog: omg
  • Hobo: omg
  • Michael: oh yeah and my hairs purple btw



Gone - 4/4

Heeeey so I’m not sure where im really going with this but i need to escape for a bit so writing seems to be the way, I haven’t figured out who/4 this is yeT SO AS YOU CAN TELL, this was not planned lol

 Whatever I come up with, I hope you enjoy it, I’m sorry I was away so long I just needed some time, I love you all xxxxxx


‘To the boys, Luke, Ashton, Mikey, Cal..’

You had written.

‘The number of times I’ve tried writing this is uncountable. I just need you to know I love you. Before you start to panic, know I’m okey. I just need some time. I need to get away from here for a bit.

You know how it is at home.. They don’t like me hanging with you because they think you know too much’

As you wrote this, you laughed slightly to yourself at your deluded parents, of course the boys knew ‘too much’ they knew everything, they were your everything.

‘It is nothing you have done. You are all always there for me at the right times and the right amount, I’m just done with coming home from a long day at school after a night of no sleep, and then.. you know’

The boys knew all about your parents.. hurting you, and so they’d know what you meant..

‘Listen, I love you all, I’m not sure where I’m going and when I get back (not too long) my parents will probably kill me (haha) because I haven’t left them a note. PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t tell them about this, I’ll be back soon I promise. I just need to get away.

I love you,

Y/N xoxox’

You’d written before taking a deep breath, folding it and shoving it through Ashton’s front door, he’d tell them easiest you figured.


As soon as Ashton started reading the note he knew he shouldn’t read it alone without the other boys, he sent them a group text and soon they were all in their usual place, Ashton’s garage.

Ash took a deep breath as he opened the note, “So Y/N dropped this through my post-box, i haven’t read it yet, I couldn’t” He said quietly, meaning in his eyes, and the other boys nodded, Luke’s eyes slightly squinted, already trying to make sense of this.

Ashton read the note aloud with a shaky hand and when he finished the boys all looked at each other. “What if her dad goes looking for her?” Michael said straight away, and Ashton shook his head, not wanting to think about it. The boys were very protective over you. “We should’ve known she needed help.. I should’ve known” Calum muttered, mostly to himself. Ashton shook his head, “Y/N wouldn’t want us to blame ourselves” he said slowly. There was a pause, the boys each in deep thought when “We have to find her” Luke said softly, Michael and Calum nodded in agreement, but Ashton hadn’t been paying attention, he was too worried.


Ive stopped bc I have no idea if this is even gonna be liked, So if you do in fact like it let me know and i may just carry on XXXXXX