Anonymous asked:
Will you finish 5 Seconds of benefits?

I’m not sure,:(x

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5 Seconds of Summer performs onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival Village on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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”you have already seen that band so you don’t need to go to their concert again” no u don’t understand

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I wanna have male 5sos fans friends :( 

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p.s parts on the co-writing thing could be as spread out as you’d like so a busy lifestyle is fine for this X
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LAX, CA 5/09
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Become a co-writer on with meeee♡

♥︎ Email ♥︎

♡ A bit about you- name? age? anything you want?
♡ URL on here
♡ Favourite 5sos member
♡ Favourite member to write about
♡ A little imagine: either about fave member or fave member to write about, specify is it going to be: sad, funny, mushy or smutty (or other genre) before you put the imagine so I can judge it;)
♥︎ I’m looking for 4 people- one for each band member and together we’ll decide a plot and basic storyline and then we’ll take it in turns to do parts
♥︎ I will email you to let you know if you go got a co-writing slot
♥︎ If you’re not one of the 4 main girls- not to worry, I may want to write with you anyway:) you never know!

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